Five of the Best ebike Brands

Electric bikes or ebikes come in a verity of different styles. Their motors can provide different ranges of power, so you can find one for mountain biking or one for commuting through the city. Either way, one thing is for certain: there are many benefits to owning an ebike. If you’re searching for a ebike, here are five of the best ebike brands to consider.

Riding an ebike is a good source of exercise and you won’t have to worry about polluting the earth or your lungs since they don’t run on fossil fuels. With an electric bike you’ll find that the daily struggle to find parking becomes a thing of the past.

Best eBike Brands

VOLT – “the best electric bikes”

VOLT is an amazing UK based electric bike manufacturer. All their bikes are designed and engineered at the best possible level. Each bike is light weight and sturdy so you’ll be able to ride your e-bike for miles with no problem. VOLT has made amazing advances in the e-bike field.

In collaboration with Bafang Motors, VOLT created the V-WAVE, which is the only intuitive riding module available for electric bikes. V-WAVE allows you to adjust the power being used to suit your riding needs.

You can choose how fast or slow you want to travel and it monitors your pedaling efforts, so it can adjust the power on its own when needed.

They make everything from mountain bike to bikes that can be used in a more urban environment, so VOLT will have a bike for you. Their electrical components are easy to detach, should it ever need replacing. And if something were to go really wrong, don’t fret – each bike comes with a two year “full peace of mind” warranty.

A2B Electric Bikes

For those who don’t want to compromise beauty and style, consider the A2B’s line of beautifully designed electric bikes.

Beauty isn’t the only thing A2B strives for. The bikes are capable of incredible speeds and with some of their bike models, pedaling is optional, so it’s like owning a bike and a moped in one. You can be confident your bike won’t give out while riding.

Ben Hopkin’s broke the record for longest journey traveled by electric bike on A2B’s Alva+ model. He logged an impressive 6,300 km over a verity of tough terrain, including the Nevada desert. So if your looking to go on a rode trip or need to commute long distances on the daily basis, A2B’s ebikes might be a perfect fit.

Viking Cycles – folding electric bikes

This company was established in 1908, at first making traditional bikes and then branching into e-bikes. They’ve been in the bike making business for over a hundred years, so you know you can trust them to make a reliable and quality bike. Viking Cycles specialize in folding electric bikes, which are perfect for storing in cars, apartments, or other small spaces.

Each ebike is guaranteed to be light weight and fast charging. Their best model, the Viking E-Go, can travel 25 miles on one charge. It has 3 setting, so you’ll find a mode that suits any travel. These bikes a perfect for up hill journeys.

Infineum – High-end Electric Bikes

Infineum electric bikes are known for being high-end. They are best known for their patented stackable battery system. Multiple batteries can be placed on the rear rack at one time and are secured into place with their own locking system, which ensures that the battery will stay put as you ride.

Each battery’s charge lasts 25-33 miles. With the stackble battery system, as soon as one battery dies the next one will kick in, so your journey could be limitless. Infusion also provides bike with a cycle computer which shows riders the remaining battery power, as well as distance traveled and traveling speed.

The Infineum e-bikes also have an amazing motor. The motor delivers 200 watts of power, while still remaining small and discreet on your bike. The motor is also much quieter than those of competing brands. So if you need a smart long distance bike, this might be the one.

Green Edge – Leisure Cycling and Commuting

Green Edge is a London based company that specializes in making affordable and eco-friendly bikes. Their low prices and quality material keep them in high demand all over the world. Like Viking Cycles, Green Edge’s bikes are foldable while still remaining sturdy.

Their bikes are often used for urban commutes but they can be used on a wide range of terrain. The saddles are super soft which provides for a comfortable ride. Forget traffic jams. With the little beauty you’ll be zipping through the city effortlessly.

The above are just five of the best ebike brands.  Many more exist and perhaps you have a favorite of  your own.  Let us know which brands you like in the comments below.

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