Ebike Road Safety – Reduce The Risks

While an ebike is a great mode of transportation, one must remain cautious and ride the bike defensively.  In this article we’ll cover the basics of ebike road safety so that you can reduce the risks of mishaps.

With an electric bike, a commuter can fly around the city without getting tired or worrying about large hills. Since such bikes are not large, one can also take it on trains and get around the city without sitting in traffic all day.

At the same time, a rider should understand the rules of the road. Not only that, one should know what to wear while on a bike. With this in mind, here is a short guide for a person who wants to ride and electric bike safely all the time.

Ebike Road Safety Maintenance

Maintenance – No Interrupted Journeys

Just like with a car, a bike owner should maintain his or her electric bike. To do so, a cyclist should maintain proper PSI levels on his or her tyres. By doing so a rider will experience fewer problems when navigating the busy streets. At the same time, with proper tyre pressure, when hitting large bumps, a commuter will not feel his or her bike shake.

Of course, this is just the beginning, and an owner must inspect his or her brakes, tyres, chain and any other parts. In fact, if a bike owner does not know how to do this, he or she should take classes.

Other times, when busy, the owner can bring his or her bicycle into a shop where a professional can inspect it and fix any issues. Either way, with solid maintenance, a bike owner will not see his or her electric bike fail in the middle of traffic.

Lights – Be Seen and Be Safe

While people hate reflectors and bike lights, they are necessary. Without this, a pedestrian or driver will have a hard time seeing the cyclist. This is a recipe for disaster as many bikers are run over by motorists who do not see the rider until it is too late.

Ideally, the electric bike owner should have a front and back light. With this inexpensive item, one can see the road well and not worry about a driver suddenly running into their path. If riding at night often, one should also buy bright clothing that motorists will see with ease.

Hand Signals – Communicate Your Intentions

With the proper hand signals, a rider can show motorists and pedestrians his or her intent when making a turn. This is important in busy areas where one will ride around a lot of traffic. Sadly, when ignoring this vital advice, some riders will end up getting hit.

Other times, a rider will anger motorists who have no idea what the cyclist is planning on doing. Either way, when understanding hand signals, a rider will go a long way in avoiding issues while on the road.

Pavements are for Pedestrians

While riding, some foolish cyclists think it is safer to take their electric bike on the pavement. This is not wise as an electric bike rider should use city streets. Unfortunately, when on the pavement, one is at a greater risk for causing an accident and hitting a pedestrian. A bike rider must understand that it is easier to ride with the flow of traffic on the street.

Helmet and other safety gear: An electric bike can go fast and a rider who falls can break a bone or suffer a concussion. For this reason, when riding an electric bike, a rider should use a helmet and any other padding he or she deems necessary. With this inexpensive investment, a bike owner will stand a better chance at avoiding a serious injury when falling.

Don’t Drink and Ride

Believe it or not, some electric bike riders think they can ride their bike drunk. While it is not as dangerous as driving a car while under the influence, it is still not wise. In fact, while riding while drunk, a cyclist is at an increased risk for causing a serious and potentially deadly accident.

Remember, an electric bike can glide along quickly, and it is not wise to ride while under the influence as one false move can cause a serious injury.

Anticipate the Actions of Others

Watch for car doors!  Often, a new rider will worry about random drivers running them over and leaving them incapacitated. This is often not the case as many electric bike owners will get in a smaller accident. One such way to crash is to run into an open door.

This happens when a passenger or driver gets out of his or her car and does not look for cyclists. To prevent this, a rider should look in cars and make sure that nobody is opening a door.

Enjoy Your Riding

With an electric bike, one can enjoy a fun ride without breaking a sweat. While this is true, it is wise to understand the risks and take a proactive approach to ebike road safety.  You can easily avoid problems, both minor and serious, with a little care and attention, leaving you free to enjoy your ebike riding.

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