Family Transportation in a Sustainable World

Sustainable WorldWe all got used to driving large cars, SUVs and pickup trucks in the last few decades. There were times when the price of gasoline was quite low and sacrificing gas mileage for comfort seemed to be a worthwhile trade-off. Those days seem to be long gone as car makers have recognized the nationwide trend of driving more fuel efficient vehicles.  The market now demands a new generation of family transportation in a sustainable world.

Transport in a Sustainable World

Today, high gas prices have caused most families to think twice before deciding what type of new car to buy. The size of the family is a major factor in deciding just how big a vehicle to buy. If you have six kids, you will need something that can seat 8 and that limits you to a large SUV, minivan or a few crossover vehicles. While you don’t have to necessarily have a vehicle that can haul the whole family around, it is nice to have that option.

If you are a family with one or two kids, your choice of family transportation is virtually unlimited. Toyota is still amongst the leaders when it comes to producing a car with a minimal environmental footprint.

A Prius, in all of its various configurations will still get you 40 and maybe even 50 miles to the gallon. Most of the other car manufacturers have at least one vehicle for sale that gets at least 40 miles per gallon.

Family transportation is not just about getting the most miles per gallon. Sustainable family transportation that will do a good job of getting you from place to place should also keep with a green theme. It should have as low a carbon footprint as possible and also be designed and engineered to last a long time.

Probably just as important as how much carbon pollution is emitted in to the atmosphere is how long we keep our cars on the road. When a car has reached the end of its useful life it must be disposed of somewhere.

That means a few tons of metal, plastic and rubber will be added to the refuse of the world. It is true some parts can be recycled, but overall, a junked car winds up in a landfill or junk yard.

Families can buy electric cars or hybrids which use less gasoline. They can buy cars that run on ethanol. Perhaps the best thing they can do to reduce the environmental impact is to drive less. Stay home more as a family. Plan your shopping and other chores so you can make just one trip instead of 2 or 3. The less you drive, the better it is for the environment.

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