Sustainable Living – The Basics

Sustainable LivingSustainable living requires very little effort from an individual, but can have a dramatic, positive impact on the environment and a person’s bank account. No longer can homeowners turn a blind eye to the massive overuse of the world’s natural resources while polluting the earth with toxic waste.

Sustainable living can help preserve the precious, fragile ecosystems that are being destroyed little by little, everyday. Learning how to reduce the amount of electricity and other resources used, limiting the amount of waste, and using products made with recycled materials are all part of sustainable living.

Sustainable Living and Lifestyle

The idea behind this cost effective lifestyle is to leave less of an environmental impact on the earth. Millions of people over hundreds of years living carelessly without a thought about the environment are slowly depleting the earth’s natural resources and causing irreparable harm to this beautiful planet.

Homes can switch to alternative energy sources. Solar and wind powered homes are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, governments all around the world are offering incentives for those that switch to these green energy sources.

The cost savings to the electric bill will pay for the system in a matter of years. Solar power is one of the easiest systems to install and can even be used in densely populated areas. Panels are placed on the roof of a home to avoid taking up precious space. Solar shingles are another option a homeowner can choose to install.

Collecting Rainwater

Rain barrels are an ideal way to save money on the water bill, while preserving a valuable commodity. Rain barrels are very inexpensive and can be used to water lawns and gardens throughout the summer. There are numerous designs and sizes that are sure to suit any home’s style and meet any homeowner’s association laws.

Reducing Waste

Waste is quickly becoming a problem. Landfills are overflowing with needless garbage that will take several decades to break down. Recycling plastics, glass and paper products are a vital part the preservation of earth.

Consumers can help reduce the massive piles of waste by buying products made with recyclable materials. It is also important consumers send a message to wasteful companies by only buying products that are made with recycled materials.


Some of the above may seem very basic given the amount of awareness in the modern world, but even these fundamentals still allude some.  Others become complacent and switch back to old bad habits.  Review your household energy use and see if there are ways you could improve.

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