PV Cells – Helping Us Switch to Sustainable Living

pv cells

It may seem hard to believe that just one hour of sunshine, if harnessed correctly, could supply the world’s power needs for an entire year. However, recent technological advances with photovoltaic or PV cells are creating new options and opportunities to save money, reduce waste and protect the shrinking natural resources of this planet.

Even in locations where there is not as much consistent sunlight as one might wish, the solar cell is offering flexible and adaptable solutions for expensive energy needs.

PV Cells – Power Generation

In the past, photovoltaic power generation has proven too costly to be worth the initial investment. Set-up alone would override long term benefits for too many years to represent a cost-savings. Today that has all changed.

More than 100 countries around the world have found ways to pull energy from the sun through a solar cell and into lighting, heating and other useful services at home, in the garden or at work. Now considered the fastest growing field of power generation globally, PV cells are no longer cost- prohibitive.

Prices have dropped because of better technology and increased manufacturer production as a response to demand. Solar power is no longer for the rich. Offering years of convenient, maintenance-free service, it is a viable consideration for anyone today.

Converting to solar energy is not just good for the individual budget, but it is also good for the ecosystem. Sunlight is a constantly renewable energy that cannot be over-used.

There are no harmful bi-products from solar power or PV cells, unlike batteries which need to be carefully disposed of once drained. It is estimated that the UK collects 20,000–30,000 tonnes of battery waste yearly, excluding car batteries which are recycled 90% of the time.

Each family averages 21 batteries a year that need to be disposed of judiciously. Currently less than 1,000 tonnes of these waste batteries are being repurposed. Solar power is a step away from storing used batteries in places where they may eventually leak into the water and/or the soil, hurting crops and wildlife.

Creating a sustainable lifestyle

Creating a sustainable lifestyle has become more important for many  citizens who feel the need to be responsible for themselves and maybe even to give something back to their communities.

Solar energy will never be slave to rising fuel or electricity prices. It will never contribute to the ugly carbon footprint the human race has been creating.

Whether you choose to supplement your current power source with solar utility or security lights, heating panels or small personal devices such as ankelites that protect the family cyclists and joggers, choosing solar power is a smart decision, and now is the right time to see how sun energy can make a difference in your life.

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