The Solar Powered World is Emerging

Solar Powered WorldNot so long ago the idea of multiple uses of solar energy was a thing of the future, but that future is now here.  Solar power is used in an increasing number of ways and on a growing number of devices.  Where is solar power used?  Well, probably in more areas than you imagine.  Let’s look at some of the more common examples of the solar powered world.

Solar Power Stations

There are already quite a few solar photovoltaic power stations that have been built. Although these stations were mainly in Europe at one time, they continue to spread throughout the world and examples are appearing in many other countries

The design of these stations allows the solar panels to actually follow the sun’s path across the sky, which generates even more electricity than mounted systems. And since there is no fuel consumed to operate solar powered stations, there is no pollution or waste expelled into the atmosphere.

Solar Powered Buildings

Solar panels are often integrated into corporate buildings to increase efficiency. Normally, they are installed on the roof but sometimes they can be installed on a wall or even on the ground adjacent to the building.

The reason for this is simple. Corporations are looking for long term ways to save money and solar power is a great investment to meet that goal.  They may just want to improve their brand image by being seen to be green and reducing their carbon footprint.

Solar Powered Transportation

As most people know, solar photovoltaic power has always been used as a power source for space missions, and with the increasing amount of design and development that trend is likely to continue.

However, what other applications are there here on Earth? In terms of road transport we are still a long way from driving solar powered cars, but there are numerous single person electric vehicles setting new records with each passing year.

In the air the development has been more rapid. Solar cells are being attached to aircraft of several types as well as the rapidly developing drone technology.  The new generation of airships will probably use them widely.

Meanwhile, yachts, canal boats, and water craft of all types, have been using flexi solar cells on their rooftops for years.

Solar Powered Utilities

PV power is used to power a great number of utilities such as hot water heaters, water pumps, parking meters, and emergency phones. The reasons are obvious – to save money and also provide a reliable backup during blackouts.

Solar Powered Streetlights

Many of the streetlights that we see while driving are being powered by solar PV cells. But this trend will go much further than just lights. There are already tests underway as to install solar panels on the road itself. Since roads always take a beating from the sun, why not take advantage? The possibilities are endless.

As you can see, the world is slowly turning to solar power. This trend will continue into the future and will most likely grow with time. In fact, don’t be surprised if solar power slowly replaces other forms of power. People are already finding out that installing PV power to their home saves them a lot of money in the long run. Look for more people to start doing the same.

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